The main aim of PROMYSE is to encourage social entrepreneurship in the health and social care sectors. By doing this, we hope to help reduce unemployment rates and promote self-sufficiency by developing the business and entrepreneurship skills of those who are currently unemployed. This project aims to raise awareness of the benefits and added value of social enterprise to communities.

Specifically, PROMYSE will:

  • Highlight successful social enterprise strategies and techniques across Europe and develop the understanding of participants.
  • Develop an online platform to support youth pursuing entrepreneurship that will outlive the project.
  • Explore problems and solutions in the health and social care sector, highlighting gaps in the current market.
  • Develop and certify the skills of youth in order to increase labour market participation.
  • Promote social entrepreneurship as an alternative career opportunity whilst also highlighting pressing social needs.
  • Boost participants confidence and employability.

The Project is funded by the European Commission and will run for 24 months (September 2017 – August 2019).

The following outcomes are expected by the end of the project:

  • Preparing young potential entrepreneurs to successfully set up their own social enterprise.
  • Increase the capacity of partner organisations to encourage youth social enterprise projects.
  • Increase the teaching of entrepreneurship in non-formal education and training systems.
  • Increase networking opportunities for young prospective entrepreneurs and increase engagement with local businesses.
  • Increase awareness about pressing social issues in the health and social care sector.
  • Increase awareness of local development issues and encourage positive responses to youth engagement.
  • Increase the digital integration of the programme.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of services available in the health and social care sector.