In order to follow a course, you have to register on the platform clicking the login button on the top right of the website

and then by clicking the “Register Now” link on the window displayed.


Sure, after you register yourself on the platform you can freely follow the courses and download all the attached material.

After you complete every unit the platform generate automatically a certificate. You could download or print it.

You can get 2 different types of accreditation:

  • One regarding a single course. For example, if you completed course 3, 5 and 6 you’ll get this 3 accreditation.
  • One regarding the entire learning package. You’ll get this accreditation after you complete all the courses.

There is 2 type of accreditation because we want to valorize all your steps. Though it is strongly recommended to complete all the courses we want to valorize your acquired knowledge even if you couldn’t complete the entire process.

Depend on the course but generally, it takes 60-70 minutes to be completed.

Every course is divided into different section:

  • Overview: Here you’ll find a short description of the course, the learning objective and infographic which contain the 5 keyword of the course.
  • Introduction: In this section, you’ll find some essential terms, a brief introduction to the course and a short quiz on the subject matter.
  • Unit (could be more than 1 depend for each course): This is the main corpus of course and explains to you all the necessary information.
  • Case studies: In this section, you’ll find some practical example of the course’s theme.
  • Conclusion: Here you’ll find the last considerations, a summery videoscribe and a final quiz. Furthermore, you’ll find the reference and some material useful to deepen the theme.

No. Even if there is a quiz at the end of the modules there isn’t a minimum score. This quiz is more an auto-evaluation, use it to understand if you had really got the point of the course or if you need to reflect again on it.