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    ZIP Leak Liam Gallagher Why Me? Why Not “/Album” – Download @320Kbps Liam’s second solo album Why Me? Why Not. is due out September 20 via Warner Bros. The album will feature four singles: “Shockwave,” “The River,” “Once,” and “One of Us.” Last month, his brother Noel joked about starting a petition to get Foo Fighters to break up in response to a remark from Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins about helping reunite Oasis.

    Tracks List:

    1. Shockwave
    2. One of Us
    3. Once
    4. Now that I’ve found you
    5. Halo
    6. Why me? Why not.
    7. Be Still
    8. Alright Now
    9. Meadow
    10. The River
    11. Gone
    12. Invisible Sun
    13. Misunderstood
    14. Glimmer
    15. Once (Original Demo)

    He continued: “I was saying the other day if, God forbid, something happens to my mam and we haven’t made up by then… then there will be war. Because there have been so many opportunities on his behalf.

    ‘You only get to do it once,’ Liam Gallagher sings on one of his new songs, yet his life tells a very different story. This is the third time he has released a second album.

    This album should sell better than BE, because Liam’s solo debut, As You Were (2017), made him a star all over again. When you see tracks called The River and Halo, hopes rise that he has developed a sudden enthusiasm for Springsteen and Beyoncé.

    The album showcases edgier and harder tone compared to his first album, similar to Oasis’ Dig Out Your Soul from 2008. The album’s lead single “Shockwave” became one of Gallagher’s biggest solo hits, the best selling vinyl single of 2019 in the UK and his first solo single to top a chart in general by landing on #1 in Scotland.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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